Weight Loss Testimonials

Dr. Steven Tersigni has helped many people suffering from obesity achieve healthier, more active lives through weight-loss surgery. We make a lifetime commitment to help each individual who undergoes surgery, giving patients the support and the motivation they need to successfully lose weight. Take a moment to read what some satisfied patients have to say about their experience with Bay Bariatrics.

Be Your Own Weight Loss Success Story

*My wife, Robin, had bypass surgery over 14 years ago. After seeing her success, I decided to have LAP-BAND® surgery. It has now been over 10 years, and I feel great. I’m 65 years old, and my health is fantastic. I run 6 miles every other day, and my band helps me eat smaller portions. Dr. Tersigni is a great guy and a wonderful surgeon. Don’t suffer with your weight any longer. Make a decision and do something about it. I’m sure glad I did.

Dr. Craig Stephenson

North Bend, Oregon

*Most of my life, I have been larger than those around me. It started when I was in high school and just continued through marriage and kids. Sure, I had tried everything—diets, professional weight-loss centers, medication—and each time I would see minimal success. Then I would find myself back where I began and in some cases worse. I’ve always been a confident person, but when I’d look in the mirror at the end of the day I felt like there was this little person screaming to get out. Although most of us hide our feelings about being overweight, it never feels good. 

I choose to have LAP-BAND® surgery three years ago because I didn’t want to be on the weight-loss roller coaster anymore. I wanted my life to change, and I wanted to feel good when I looked in a mirror. I would have never imagined I would fit into a single-digit size or that people would use words like, ‘You’re so little’ or ‘You’re so skinny.’ The band has given me a part of life back that I lost.

Gail Moldovan-Trujillo

McMinnville, Oregon

*Dr. Tersigni did my operation, and I am so grateful that my postop has been almost completely uneventful and pain-free. I’ve lost more than 100 pounds from my high weight, and my diabetes, which I had for 10 years, appears to be cured. The good doctor and his staff have been so caring, and words cannot express my gratitude.

Jerry Christean

Florence, Oregon

*I felt very comfortable with Dr. Tersigni from the first time I met him. His name was given to me with well-deserved high recommendations, and I will gladly pass those on to others! His nurse and all of the staff in his office have always been extremely attentive and encouraging. Dr. Tersigni emphasizes the importance of vitamins and exercise in order to have a healthy, successful life after surgery. His bedside manner is great, and his surgical competence is awesome. Dr. Tersigni is rated very highly in my book!

Marinda Sue Morris

Florence, Oregon

*Thank you, Dr. Tersigni, for giving me my life back. I have lost 229 pounds. I can see myself losing 10 more pounds to reach my goal. I have reduced my pants size from 56 to 36, soon to be 34. My shirt size has gone from 5X to L. I had very few problems with the weight loss and was very seldom hungry. I found the process very easy as long as I followed what I had learned in your class with Robin. I’m now off the blood pressure pills that I have been on since I was 33. I am now 65 years old but feel 40. I would recommend you to anyone thinking of going through this procedure, as I feel your program is top-notch. From my experience from support groups, your patients seem to be doing the best, with fewer problems. They are keeping the weight off and are better prepared and educated about what is expected of them for the rest of their lives. Thanks again!

Robert R. Muir

Roseburg, Oregon

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